What is the Class Representative Program?

Williamstown North Primary School encourages the active involvement of parents/guardians in the life of the school. Established in 2013, the WNPS Class Representative Program is a network of parents/guardians, called Class Representatives, that enhance communication and engagement between teachers and parents/guardians, to more actively support learning in the home and to assist parents in building relationships with other families in the school community.

What does being a Class Representative Involve?

Class Representatives coordinate the Class Rep Program for their child’s class. This role includes:

  • Maintaining and distributing a parent contact list for the class

  • Facilitating regular communication between the classroom teacher and parents via a fortnightly class ‘eNewsletter’

  • Providing a general ‘reminder’ email to parents prior to a major school or classroom activity/excursion.

  • Where requested by teachers, organising parent helpers for class activities/programs (i.e. swimming, reading)

  • Encouraging parent involvement in the class and whole school activities (i.e. Fete, Art Show etc)

  • Organising social events for the parents of students in your child’s class (i.e. dinners, family picnics)

  • Welcoming new families to the class and encouraging their participation in Class Rep activities

  • Supporting and fostering a strong sense of the School as a community.

Required Skills:

  • The role is accessible and manageable for parents/guardians who are in paid work or ‘stay at home’ roles.

  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Word.

  • Ability to send timely communications to the class.

  • Respectful of the school's Privacy policy and the privacy of parents and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students and parents is maintained at all times.

  • Flexible, friendly and reliable!