Year 6 Leadership

Students in Year 6 are all given the opportunity to take part in developing their leadership skills in the classroom. Regular leadership lessons instil the behaviours and values that define a leader. Additionally, Year 6 students are able to apply and interview for the roles of School Captain and Sports Captain. Both of these roles entail students representing the school and demonstrating leadership qualities that see them act as role models for the student body.

All students will have the opportunity to further develop a range of skills and qualities that will hopefully become lifelong skills that they can apply to everyday life. We would like to see the students not just develop leadership, but life skills and traits such as compassion, responsibility and trust. We aim for students to develop a sense of community and shared responsibility, leading to success individually and with their peers/community.

As it is their last year of primary school, we would like to see the students involved in a number of the school wide events planned throughout the year and to also give back to the school community.

Peer Leadership

The Peer Leadership program focuses on developing the leadership skills of our Year Five students. Students participate in a two day training program where they develop the skills, values and attitudes needed for effective student leadership. The key focus for the training days is to develop student’s collaboration, communication, problem solving and organisational skills. As well as learning about the importance of empathy.

Students will then apply their new leadership skills to support the WNPS community. Students will lead the Playground Problem Solvers program, lunch time activities and organise our Year Five/ Year One buddy program. In these programs, Year Five students support and encourage students in Foundation- Year Two to work together and follow our school values of: Resilience, Doing Your Best, Respect, Responsibility.


The buddies program is an initiative that allows junior students to develop a friendship and role model in a more senior student in our school as well as allowing senior students to model behaviours and leadership to their buddy.

Our Foundation students are each matched with a Year Six student and we run regular sessions that encourage skills and development in learning. The buddies program also celebrates special days throughout the calendar. Year 1 and 2 students also take part in the buddies program with Year 5 and Year 4 students respectively.

eLearning Leaders

Students in Years 3-6 are chosen to represent their class as eLearning Leaders. The role of the eLearning Leader is to promote the safe and responsible use of technology within their classroom and across the school. These students are technology problem solvers who can assist their peers and teachers with ICT responsibilities such as keeping the computer trolley neat and ensuring all devices are charged. eLearning Leaders are given opportunities to help run and take part in lunchtime coding, computer and robotics clubs, STEM incursions and the STEAM Expo.

Junior School Council

Every class in Years 3-6 elects two Junior School Councillors as representatives for their class. A Junior School Council representative needs to be a very responsible student who consistently tries their best and acts as a good role-model for all students.

JSC members promote our 4 School Values through their behaviour in the classroom and in the school yard. They act as representatives for their peers and attend events and excursions such as representing the WNPS JSC at the Hobson’s Bay Council Chambers