At Williamstown North Primary School we understand the importance of our students learning about the world around them.

We teach students to explore. Our Humanities, Health and Wellbeing curriculums involve our students in the process of learning about the natural and material world. Our students think critically to ask questions, make discoveries and test those discoveries in the search for new understanding.

We work collaboratively. At Williamstown North Primary School there is an emphasis on research and hands-on learning during Shared Inquiry units. Learners are encouraged to work collaboratively and creatively to present their findings in project-based learning.

We foster community connections: with local organisations, schools and community groups. We embed our sustainability program and humanities subjects through the Hobson's Bay locality and it's flora and fauna.

We develop engaged and holistic learners. Students use their skills grounded in strong literacy practices to develop a shift from learning to read to reading to learn. They are encouraged to develop and foster inquisitive nature and understand their place in the world as well as their opportunity to make it a better place.