Tutoring Program

We employ three full-time tutors in accordance with the Victorian Department of Education Tutoring Initiative in the wake remote learning and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our tutors work with small groups of students across all areas of the school to build competence and understanding in Literacy. Students are regularly progress monitored to gain greater understanding of the impact of our teaching and learning cycles and receive intervention at their direct point of need.

Intervention and Extension Programs

Each year level at Williamstown North Primary School run weekly targeted intervention and extension groups utilising additional staff members that work with teams and students to teach at point of need. These sessions are data driven and focused on student differentiation to address gaps in learning and opportunities to extend our students through more complex topics.

Our intervention sessions run multiple times a week for each learning team and students are given the opportunity to take part in these sessions for a variety of learning topics.

Victorian High Ability Program

The Victorian High Ability Program supports government schools to provide a great learning environment for high-ability students through structured learning extension programs, further developing classroom teachers to better support their high-ability students and resources for government schools to build programs for these students.

Together these three strategies will support the learning, engagement and wellbeing of high-ability students and help them thrive now and into the future.