At Williamstown North Primary School we offer social thinking sessions for students to develop functional skills that will enable them to participate fully in the classroom, playground and wider community.

In developing a social thinking program for the school, it was important to first identify the particular cohorts of students and ensure that they are in the same age group.

Objectives were based around developing social skills that involve students being able to participate in whole group and small group activities, effectively accessing the playground, recognising and modifying their own behaviour, developing strategies that are transferable to different environments.

Education Support Staff assist in the delivery of the program. It is also an opportunity for them to learn new strategies in managing students in the classroom, increasing student engagement and identifying triggers.

Teaching staff are included in identifying the skills they wish the student/s to learn.Feedback is given to staff on the progress of the student/s through informal discussions and during PLT Meetings.

The program is always evolving and developed on the needs of the students on a weekly basis and through consultation with teachers, students and families.The input they have is very valuable to the program and can involve discussing changes they have observed in the students, suggesting areas that can be improved on.